Types of lawn mowers

Depending on the size of your lot, growing conditions, and your energy level, one or more of the following options will fit you like a glove:

Reel mowers - manual type are still available and suitable for small lots. Safe, non-polluting, quiet, low maintenance, and low cost substitute for aerobic workout.

Rotary mowers (gasoline powered) - Most common type, convenient, relatively low maintenance, some pollution, generally noisy. Rotary mowers (electric, AC line or battery powered). Convenient, low maintenance, non-polluting, usually quieter than gasoline powered mowers, limited by cord length or battery charge.

Teenage kid - low maintenance but variable performance and possible reliability problems.

Landscaping service - expensive but consistent and may occasionally mow your valuable flower bed as weeds by mistake.

Cow, goat, or other herbivore - mowing performance quite variable, fencing required, excellent source of fresh fertilizer. The extended warranty is essential! :-)
The first two of these are described in more detail is subsequent sections of this document. For the last, well you should already know if that is appropriate for your life-style!
Large mowers (those which carry you) may be of either the rotary or reel type, usually gasoline or diesel powered but some electrics have been produced. For information on riding mowers, lawn tractors, garden tractors and estate tractors (also known as compact diesel tractors).