Lawn Mower Engine Overhaul Procedure


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Author: Samuel M. Goldwasser

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Mower Engine OverHaul

Improper use, testing, or repair of gasoline powered equipment can result in explosion, fire, injuries including loss of limbs or worse, as well as total destruction of your spouse's prized flower bed.
We will not be responsible for damage to equipment or property, your ego, or personal injury or worse that may result from the use of this material.
The following description applies directly to a large number of Craftsman mowers using Tecumseh engines (most do). However, with minor modifications, it is also applicable to most other mowers using 4 stroke engines.
Mechanically, 2 stroke engines are very similar. In many respects, they are simpler having no camshaft operated valves or oil pump. There is no oil to drain or change. However, needle bearings are used in key spots which complicate matters slightly.